MALEESHA KHARWA:The Princess of Slums

Maleesha Kharwa, our new reality princess who has not only achieved her dreams but gave us a spark of dreaming bigger than big. A 12-year-old girl,’a proud slum girl’ got covered in the peacock magazine with her dazzling smile. Our princess inspires us to ‘keep believing’ and ‘keep reflecting the positivity in us’.

I personally feel so motivated by her. There’s so much to learn from her young life. We all have so many things for our comforts but we still keep complaining or keep focussing over the things that we do not have.We actually doubt ourselves , doubt our future, doubt our capabilities by making excuses that i do not have this or that and that is why i am not able to achieve my goal.

But let’s remind us one thing. The richest thing that we’ve got in this life is our ‘life’ itself , a life being a human. We literally can do anything , anything!! You might do not believe this,but start observing around you, then you will have to believe this. Take inspiration from anything, everything around you . You will feel stronger,better! I really like this line

Jang hathiyaron se nhi haunsle se jeeti jaati h

Thank you, if you have come till hereāœØ. More power to you allšŸ˜‡

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Hi,this is simple girl writing her 'un-unique' thoughts.

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